Who we are

Venture Trust supports people who are struggling with complicated life circumstances such as involvement in offending, homelessness, drug and alcohol misuse, caring responsibilities and other complications in their lives. These situations are often compounded by lack of access to services or low educational achievement, leaving individuals isolated, marginalised or in poverty. Venture Trust offers a three-phase personal development programme, working in Venture Trust communities across Scotland. The programme involves an intensive wilderness-based element, mentoring, and employability support which aims to help people unlock their potential. This may include better communication skills, consequential thinking and building positive relationships with others, growing in confidence and self-esteem, or moving towards education, training and employment.

Why is FOLM important for your entity?

FOLM provides an opportunity for Venture Trust to share its hard-won expertise in helping people through transformational personal development journeys in the Scottish wilderness. Whilst we are delighted to be expert partners, we are also looking to learn from our colleagues who come from widely different regions. The knowledge they have of working with young people will also help inform and refine our practice. FOLM will allow Venture Trust’s models of delivery to be tested in different circumstances and provide new perspectives for our staff. Being part of FOLM fits in with the mission, ethos and values of Venture Trust – supporting young people into work, education or training and reducing social inequality.